We invite you to:

  • Explore the field of education: need and purpose, map the network of the education in Lithuania
  • Look for commonalities and set common principles
  • Co-create community of practice (learn and practice one methodology so that
  • everyone speaks the same language)
  • Co-design a bigger event in Lithuanian for wider audience

How is it different from other forums and workshops?

  • Individual dreams and goals → Collective knowledge and co-creation
  • Problem focus (finding a solution to the problem) → Appreciative inquiry (discovering what already works well and how to do more of it)
  • An expert knowing the answer → Participatory involvement and decision making
  • Presentations and debates → Deep conversations that really matter
  • Decision makers → Stakeholders representing all levels of the education community
  • Expectations → Commitment

Art of Hosting

Art of Hosting is a global community of practitioners using integrated participative change processes, methods, maps, and planning tools to engage groups and teams in meaningful conversation, deliberate collaboration, and group-supported action for the common good.

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