How can we build the community that is able to co-create the educational system that Lithuania needs?

Posted by Ideal on balandžio 02, 2013
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Imagine a space, where a schoolchild, a politician and a theatre director can talk and co-design the learning environment of the future… where we can meet as people, not as institutions and have meaningful conversations about the things which truly matter to us.

There is huge energy and momentum in Lithuania in the field of education. The old methods are not producing the same results as they used to. One can definitely feel the need to change and to act more collaboratively in order to co-create the future of education in Lithuania. We imagine that creating and holding a space for dialogue would bring us a step closer to becoming a learning community that dares to put ideas into action.

We offer you an inspiring space to talk, to listen and to dream together. A place where we can build a common ground, support and inspiration network, so that together we can move towards action and sustainable growth.

Our vision is to connect all different stakeholders from different fields (government, NGOs, non-profits, students, pupils, teachers) and work together in creating the educational system that Lithuania needs.


Do you feel a call to co-create the future of education in Lithuania together with the other passionate people?



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